House Of Mandela Art

Large Struggle Series Unsigned


Print: Unsigned 
Size:  65 cm x 50 cm (unframed)
Edition: First edition 750
Authenticity: Number in pencil, Mandela’s emboss & HOM emboss

“These sketches are not so much about my life as they are about my own country. I drew hands because they are powerful instruments, hands can hurt or heal, punish or uplift. They can also be bound but a quest for righteousness can never be repressed. In time, we broke lose the shackles of injustice, we joined hands across social divides and national boundaries, between continents and over oceans and now we look to the future, knowing that even if age makes us wiser guides, [it is] the youth that reminds us of love, of trust and of the value of life.”  25.7.2001  Nelson Mandela

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