For answers to the most common questions and queries around House of Mandela Art

What is House of Mandela Art?

House of Mandela art is a proud initiative of the official House of Mandela. A digital gallery that celebrates Nelson Mandela’s original hand-drawn artworks. We believe that everyone, around the world, deserves to have a piece of Nelson Mandela’s legacy. We sell authentic signed, unsigned and collaborative Nelson Mandela art pieces.

How do I know that my artwork is authentic and one of a kind?

Each artwork has been specially marked to authenticate a Nelson Mandela print. Dr. Makaziwe Mandela, daughter of Nelson Mandela, hand signs each of the certificates for the Signed Prints. Each certificate is numbered and corresponds with the print number. For more information: check out our “Authenticity” page or feel free to chat to us directly.

What is an Artist Proof & why is it so valuable?

Additional proofs from a print run that can either be included in the regular edition or pulled for the artists approval and retained for his personal use. Artists proofs can be marked AP either with or without a number that denotes how many were run. Example AP or AP 1/50 OR AP I/L. Print intended for the artist's personal use. It is common practice to reserve approximately ten percent of an edition as artist's proofs, although this figure can be higher. The artist's proof is sometimes referred to by it's French épreuve d'artist (abbreviation E.A.). Artist's proofs can be distinguished by the abbreviation AP or E.A., commonly on the lower left of the work. These editions are fortunately for sale as the artist has agreed to share this with the public.

What is Hors Commerce & what makes it valuable?

This French term means “before business”. Originally Hors Commerce prints were used as the color key and printing guide for the printer to insure consistency and quality of the run. In modern serigraphy that are usually used to extend the numbering of the run. The letters HC can be used either with or without a number that denotes how many were run.

What is a Limited Edition Print?

An edition is a set of identical prints numbered and signed by the artist. Two numbers are often written at the lower edge of a print; the first indicates the print place in the order of all prints in the edition; the second number indicates the total number of prints for that type of numbering in the edition.

How long will it take to receive my order?

The average delivery time for domestic orders (in South Africa) is anywhere from 5-8 business days. Once your order has been carefully packaged you will receive an email with an automated tracking number, that number will be updated once the carrier picks your order up from our warehouse.

How long do International orders take?

We carefully prepare each artwork for the shipping process. To ensure the maximum safety and care when delivering our artwork over international waters, delivery can take between 2-3 weeks depending on your location. If the purchased artwork is required immediately, we will be happy to assist in speeding up this process.

How much does delivery cost?

We provide FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $250. Every international order is different, however our online shop will automatically calculate your shipping costs during the checkout process (but before you finalize the payment).

My shipping address is incorrect, help!

As long as we haven't shipped your order out yet you should be okay, so don't fret! Shoot us an email and our support team will be happy to help out.

Can I request a specific print number?

Specific numbers can be requested but are not guaranteed. If the number requested is still available at the time of purchase, we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you accept returns?

All sales are final. House of Mandela Art does not accept returns. Please visit the contact us page for resale of artwork.

What if my piece arrives damaged?

While occasional damage by FedEx, USPS, and art handlers in transit is out of our control, we are happy to work with you to resolve these issues if damage does occur.