House Of Mandela Art

Artist Proof: Right Hand


Art by Nelson Mandela


Print: Signed
Size: 65 cm x 50 cm (unframed)
Edition: 50
Authenticity: Signed & numbered with the Nelson Mandela’s emboss, issued with a certificate of authenticity

Nelson Mandela has left an indelible imprint on the international stage and the country he fought to attain its freedom, South Africa. It is therefore fitting that the extraordinary imprint of his right hand should so closely resemble the shape of the continent of Africa. This truly amazing man, understood Africa’s rhythms and strength and fought throughout his life so that it could be recognized as a continent of creation. He truly symbolized the hopes of a nation and a whole continent. South Africa became free in the way that it did, because he reached out to all, and thus his name became a symbol of hope to oppressed people throughout the world.

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